Gal Gadot has urged everyone to define themselves as ''feminist''.

The 'Wonder Woman' actress has claimed that those who don't class themselves as feminist should be labelled as ''sexist'', as the movement is simply designed to promote ''freedom of choice'' for all genders.

She said: ''There's a big misinterpretation about the way that people view the term of feminism. I have friends - girlfriends - who have careers and they're mothers and they do it all, and they are afraid to say that they're a feminist.

''Feminism is not about hating men or burning bras or fighting anyone. It's about, first of all, equality, and it's about freedom of choice and I think that in this world we should all be feminists and whoever is not is a sexist. And I am that [a feminist], and I love women, and I think especially now with everything that's been going on in Hollywood, we're in a beautiful momentum and in a very interesting era for women. It truly feels like there's this cultural change - shift - and I think that it's necessary.''

The brunette beauty, 32, also believes that anything which makes women feel ''confident'' should be classed as feminism.

Speaking during her Revlon Global Ambassador interview earlier this week, Gal said: ''Anything that makes you feel more confident more beautiful and better about yourself has to do with [feminism].''

It comes after the star revealed she would be doing her best to teach her two young daughters - six-year-old Alma and nine-month-old Maya, whom she has with her husband Yaron Versano - to have ''good self-esteem''.

She said: ''I try to make sure that [Alma] has good self-esteem and confidence and that she will love herself. Because I think once you're that, anything is possible for you. We're trying to make sure for the next generation that there will be more opportunities, especially for women, obviously. But for me, it's about making her feel capable and worthy.''