Gal Gadot nearly quit Hollywood before she got her big break.

The 32-year-old actress has admitted before she landed her role as Wonder Woman in 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice' she was contemplating returning to her native Israelto study.

Speaking to Glamour magazine, the brunette beauty said: 'Before I got 'Wonder Woman', I was thinking about never coming back to Los Angeles, [I thought I'd] stay in Israel, work as an actress here and there, go back to university and do something else.''

And the reason the 'Keeping Up With the Joneses' star wanted to opt out of a career in the entertainment industry was because she kept being rejected for film projects.

She explained: ''Because there had been so many 'no's.

''You go to the audition and you have a callback, then another callback and then a camera set-up, and people are telling you your life will change if you get this part. And then you don't get it.

''I reached a place where I didn't want to do that anymore.''

Gal - who has seven-month-old Maya and five-year-old Alma with her husband Yaron Versano - has revealed her work also put a lot of ''pressure'' on her and her family.

She added: ''My husband has a lot of work in Tel Aviv, and we had a daughter, so taking them to LA to fish for work put a lot of pressure on me.

''I was like, 'Why am I doing this?' Hearing no, over and over, I was thinking, 'What am I good for?' And that's when I got Wonder Woman.''

Gal was keen to forge a career as a lawyer before she started acting, and though she ''convinced'' herself she would be the perfect candidate and would make ''peace'', she soon realised it wouldn't suit her personality.

Speaking about her other career possibilities, she said: ''You convince yourself to do these things... 'I'll be a lawyer so I can make peace and people will be able to reach agreements.'

''Whereas, in real life, lawyers deal with conflict non-stop. Conflicts are not good for me. I'm all about harmony and Zen. So I'm happy it didn't work out. I would be the sh***iest lawyer.''