Actor Gael Garcia Bernal's new movie THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP was snapped up at the Sundance Film Festival on Monday (23JAN06), making it the second major film to be purchased by a film studio at the event.

The movie made by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind director MICHEL GONDRY sparked a bidding war just 20 minutes after it premiered at the festival on Sunday (22JAN06).

Warner Independent Pictures bought the US and UK rights to the sci-fi drama about a man held captive by the people in his dreams.

Warner Pictures executive MARK GILL calls the movie one of the most "inventive" films he's seen in recent times.

He says, "It also has heart and cleverness, which are very hard to come by together. It's very imaginative visually."

THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP, which was written by Gondry, also stars Charlotte Gainsbourg and JEAN-MICHEL BERNARD.