Upcoming Mexican movie star Gael Garcia Bernal is wary of fame - he knows he's just the "flavour of the month".

The Latino heart-throb first came to international notice in AMORES PERROS, and then set pulses racing in Y Tu Mama Tambien and the controversial EL CRIMEN DE PADRE AMARO, the highest-grossing film in Mexican history.

But the young actors not getting carried away with all the attention - he's happy his pin-up status gets crowds to his movies, but that's as far as it goes.

He laughs, "Fame is so trivial. It's very easy for it to exist or not to exist. It's just that there's this thing called 'flavour of the month', which is so trivial - it finishes really quick and it's nothing. The work is what survives.

"And basically I'm not worried about all that fame. No, I don't want to become famous. If I had to choose, I wouldn't, that's a consequence of the work.

"But I'm glad that helping out this way. Mexican cinema's starting to get a bit more attention and I'm glad that people go and watch these films because they're quite risky, they're sincere and honest and not your usual romantic comedy or action/adventure."

15/06/2003 14:01