Gael Garcia Bernal's character in 'Letters to Juliet' is not unloving.

The 31-year-old actor claims his character in the romantic movie is not a "jerk" and says he never morally judges any role he takes on.

The leading man said: "I wouldn't call him a jerk. My character, I think, is actually very concentrated on the things he likes and the thing is, right now, his girlfriend is not able to follow him and share with him that excitement."

The actor - who plays Victor in the movie alongside 'Mamma Mia!' star Amanda Seyfried - also admits to having a great time filming in Italy for the romantic drama.

He said: "I did the film just to have fun ... to enjoy working with the group of actors that were here. To spend some time in Italy!"

And despite the fact his character isn't the best chef in the film, Bernal thinks he gets away with it.

He told MTV News: "He knows a lot about what he's doing, more than any of us know about cooking, and the Italian culture. I wouldn't judge him. I don't like judging characters at all morally."

'Letters to Juliet' - which also stars Vanessa Redgrave - will be released on May 14.