Gabrielle doesn't understand how Adele can get anxious about performing live.

The 'Dreams' hitmaker - who is releasing her first album in 11 years, 'Under My Skin', on August 17 - was a big influence on the 'Hello' hitmaker growing up, and she doesn't get why she frets about singing to large audiences because she is ''flawless''.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Gabrielle - who too suffers with anxiety and has to be literally pushed onto the stage - said: ''I can't ever believe that she ever suffers, though clearly she says she does.

''Every time you see her she is flawless, she is just a phenomenal singer/songwriter that I adore her.

''I am like, no. I wish I could make her feel better. Personally, she is too phenomenal.

''By the time she's opened her mouth, she's got it covered. I just love her.

''I am surprised she gets any form of stage fright because you would never know.''

Adele cancelled her final two performance at London's The SSE Arena, Wembley in 2017, after damaging her vocal cords.

The British star later admitted that she may never tour again because she suffers with chronic stage fright.

Speaking at the time, Adele said: ''Touring isn't something I'm good at - applause makes me feel a bit vulnerable. I don't know if I will ever tour again.''

The 'Chasing Pavements' singer has focused all of her time on her five-year-old son Angelo - whom she has with Simon Konecki - which is what Gabrielle had been doing with her two children, until announcing her comeback.

Relating to Adele, she said: ''It's all about having that balance of home life and work life. I think that if you are nervous and you want to spend time with your kids, maybe that will balance and settle you. I think if I had my kids when I was singing, I wouldn't even make it onto the stage.

''Everyone finds different things to settle those anxiety. I still to this day don't think that I've got it handled, but I do what I have to do.''