Since the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Fox News chief Roger Ailes says that he has toned down the conservative rhetoric on the news channel, undertaking what he calls a "course correction" towards the mainstream. In a Newsweek interview with media writer Howard Kurtz, Ailes said that the news channel's star commentator, Bill O'Reilly, had moderated his remarks because "Beck scared him" -- presumably referring to the rabid following that host Glenn Beck attracted before leaving the channel. (O'Reilly told Kurtz that he never worried about Beck, saying "He's a performer, I'm a journalist.") In the interview with Kurtz, Ailes defended the network's "fair and balanced" motto this way "Every other network has given all their shows to liberals. We are the balance." In a separate interview with Dylan Stableford of Yahoo's The Cutline, Ailes was asked whether Sarah Palin would continue as a Fox News contributor if she decides to run for president. (She is expected to announce her decision within a week.) If she does, "she's out," Ailes replied. "Done, immediately."