BAD BOYS II star Gabrielle Union found same-sex love scenes with ANNETTE BENING in new movie RUNNING WITH SCISSORS became extra steamy when her husband dropped by the set to watch.

Union's husband, American football star CHRIS HOWARD, rarely visits his wife when she's working on a movie, and hates the thought of her "making out" with co-stars - but he was thrilled when he discovered she'd be playing a lesbian.

And Howard even dropped by the set to watch his wife and Bening "get it on".

Union says, "When you have to go to work every day and kiss another man and literally be half-naked, rolling around, simulating sex acts with other men, apparently most spouses don't enjoy that - at least not mine.

"But there's something about rolling around with a woman that most men don't seem to take offence to... He didn't mind at all.

"It was literally one of the first times he was excited about me heading off to work. I would say, 'It's a 16-hour day,' and he would say, 'I don't mind.'

"He surprisingly stopped by... I discovered it's easier actually with him there."

29/05/2005 14:37