Actress Gabrielle Union's obsession with singer Janet Jackson almost became her most embarrassing moment when she met her idol at an audition for a movie.

The CRADLE 2 THE GRAVE star uses Jackson's music to give her extra confidence at auditions and she once dressed up like her heroine to give her an extra boost.

She says, "I love Janet Jackson. There's something about her music and her. I feel like my day's gonna go great if I start it off with Janet.

"If I have a big audition, I put on her music and I'll ask my hairstylist to make me look like Janet because then I know I'll do my best.

"Once I had the clothes and I went to the audition and I get there and who walks out of the audition? Janet Jackson. I drew on the mole, even, because I thought that would get me over. She was there auditioning in her own clothes."

12/05/2004 13:58