Gabrielle Union's publicist is calling for celebrities to boycott Los Angeles nightclub Mood, after the venue's owner allegedly cancelled the actress' birthday party when he discovered she was African-American.

The Bad Boys II beauty was set to celebrate her 33rd birthday with a starstudded bash at the top club this weekend (29-30OCT05), until Mood owner DAVID JUDAKEN allegedly realised he had mistaken Union for white beach volleyball player Gabrielle Reece.

On Friday (21OCT05), Union's publicist HOLLY SHANKOOR of BWR Public Relations sent an email around the publicity industry, urging a boycott of Mood.

Shakoor's email wrote, "You should all be aware of an incident that occurred with my client Gabrielle Union and the owner of Mood.

"Mood was going to host her birthday party. Once the owner found out she was African-American, he not only cancelled her party, but he proceeded to say that he 'didn't realise Gabrielle Union was black'.

"You can discourage your celeb clients from going (to Mood) and also doing any events (there)."

Shakoor quoted Judaken as saying, "I don't want (Union's) kind of people in my club."

In a statement to E! Online website, Judaken says, "All the statements written in her email are untrue. To say that this event was cancelled over race or creed is hurtful and slanderous."

Jadaken is now considering legal action against Shakoor, declaring her email "has an immediate negative impact on my business".

Shakoor's bosses at BWR says their employee's email "by no means reflects our official position on this matter".