Actress Gabrielle Union is suing two men for invasion of privacy, after they posted a fake job advertisement looking for an assistant for the star. The two defendants, from Georgia, are alleged to have advertised the job of executive assistant on listings website, claiming they were acting on Union's behalf. But the Bad Boys 2 beauty claims she doesn't know the defendants, Calvin High and Steve Raymond, and was unaware of their actions. In legal papers obtained by website, the lawsuit claims High and Raymond subjected Union to "embarrassment and humiliation" by putting out the advert for a vacancy that doesn't exist. The suit, which was filed in a Georgia district court on Friday (28Mar08), also names 'John Does 1-10' alongside High and Raymond, because Union's lawyers Locke Lord Bissell + Liddell, LLC, claim the acts were committed "in conjunction with and/or with the help of several other individuals who are unknown... at this time". They go on to state: "At least one individual responded to the advertisement for the position... and subsequently contacted Ms. Union directly inquiring about the advertisement." Union claims to have suffered "severe emotional distress" as a result of the bogus advert, and is seeking damages for the hoax.