Screen beauty Gabrielle Union failed to realise the significance of becoming the first African-American actress to appear in FRIENDS - because she was more concerned about paying her bills.

The sexy actress made history when she appeared on the recently-ended sitcom as KRISTIN LANG in 2001, but she was only happy to land the role because it gave her the opportunity to pay off her credit card bills.

She says, "I was on a show called CITY OF ANGELS, and it had gotten cancelled on Monday so I was like, 'How am I gonna pay my VISA bill?' Everything surrounds the Visa bill payment.

"Then on Wednesday they called me and were like, 'Do you wanna do Friends?' and I was like, 'Great! The Visa bill's gonna get paid!'

"I didn't even think about it like I'm gonna be the Rosa Parks of must-see TV.

"I was just like, 'My bills are gonna be paid, my credit's gonna be good.'"

17/05/2004 13:49