Pretty actress Gabrielle Union is urging women to use their instinct to avoid dangerous situations, because if she had used hers she wouldn't have been a rape victim. The Cradle 2 The Grave star was 19 when she was raped at gunpoint while she was trying to close up the mall store she worked at - and now she just wishes she had run when her gut told her to. She says, "When the man who raped me came into the store, my heart said run, but I was raised to be polite and not make others uncomfortable. "Women are constantly second-guessing our instincts but you know your body, and your body is telling you something is wrong... We are given instincts for a reason." Union insists girls who think they have medical issues should learn to trust their instincts too. She adds, "If you feel something's amiss, go to the doctor and if he says, `You're too young to have breast cancer,' you say, `OK, thank you... and who's the next doctor on my list?' "Get a couple of opinions. Ignorance is not bliss."