Movie star Gabrielle Union had to overcome her fears of stunt driving to star in the BAD BOYS sequel - and spent hours on set sobbing and shaking.

The actress admits she was left visibly shaken by terrifying stunt scenes, and it was only comforting words from co-stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence that kept her going.

She explains, "I don't drive in general. I have depth perception problems and I don't always have my glasses on hand, which I didn't on the day of the stunt stuff.

"I was like, 'Do I share this information that I don't have my glasses and can't see really well for this precision stunt driving?' Of course I didn't.

"So Michael Bay, the director, hops in the back and he's screaming, 'Faster, faster, don't be such a wuss, pedal to the metal,' and I can't see. I can make out the camera that's mounted on the hood of the car that costs more than I'm getting paid for the entire film, and there's a human person hanging from the window that I'm supposed to be fighting and driving this Donale at top speed.

"The first time I did it I took out the whole back side of the Donale and I'm just crying. I thought, 'We have to do this again because generally DEA agents don't cry during car chases.' We did it about three times and I was terrified each time."

07/07/2003 09:30