Actress Gabrielle Union has banned her family from taking her young nieces and nephews to see her new film Bad Boys 2 - because they'll have nightmares for weeks.

The sexy star is convinced the sequel, starring Will Smith and MARTIN LAWRENCE, is too violent, and there's one decapitation scene even she's not happy to watch.

She says, "That was really disturbing, and so was the reaction of the crowd of people watching it.

"The corpse fell off the back of a hearse and the head came off, and the crowd were screaming, like, 'Yeah, he was

decapitated.' It was kinda sickening.

"I'm a romantic comedy sort of Julia Roberts gal. I like to leave the theatre feeling happy and well-adjusted, and not needing therapy, but that's just me.

"Apparently, a lot of people like this kind of stuff. Through video games and the kind of stuff we see on TV and with cable television, we've just become desensitised.

"I won't be letting the kids in my family see it. I'm not gonna spend $8.50 for them to have nightmares. We don't allow the young kids to see that."

07/07/2003 02:34