Gabrielle Union, the American actress and former model, has revealed that she attempted to shoot a man who raped her as a teenager, reports the New York Daily News. Gabrielle Union, best known for her roles in 'Bring It On' and 'Bad Boys II', says her experience allowed her to understand Rihanna's controversial 'Man Down' video.
The clip, which features a sexual criminal being shot in the head, has been the talk of social networking sites over the past week. A number of groups criticised the video for its portrayal of violence, but Gabrielle praised the clip for prompting discussion between rape victims. Union revealed to fans on her Twitter page that she was raped as a teenager and considered killing the attacker, saying, "Durin my rape I tried 2 shoot my rapist, bt I missed. Over the yrs I realized tht killin my rapist wouldve added insult 2 injury". After receiving a wave of support, Union spoke openly about the attack which occurred when she worked in a store as a youngster, saying, "The Desire 2 kill someone whose abused/raped u is understandable bt unless its self defense n the moment 2 save ur life, just Adds 2 ur troubles".
Gabrielle Union said Rihanna's video for 'Man Down' did a "great job" of getting people talking about sexual violence. The clip premiered on Bet last week and was immediately denounced by the Parents Television Council. Paul Porter, co-founder of watchdog group 'Industry Ears' said, "In my 30 years of viewing Bet, I have never witnessed such a cold, calculated execution of murder in primetime".