The actress Gabrielle Union appeared on Conan Obrien's chat show and explained how she's been banned from sitting in courtside seats when she goes to watch her Miami Heat basketball boyfriend Dwayne Wade. Apparently, Union's aggressive jeering got her relegated to a row of seats a little further back, in order to stop her distracting her beau and offending the other players. and the referees. and Dwayne himself.
"I don't sit courtside," she told Conan, "that got killed wen I became as vocal as I am. He was like, 'we're gonna need you a few rows back, because we can hear everything." O'Brien asked Gabrielle is she was actually abusive to her own boyfriend whilst he's playing. "Oh, sure," she responded. "Who's gonna tell him, if not me?" Union tried to make up for being a bad girlfriend by explaining that she likes to heckle other players too and not just Dwayne. She picked on one rather portly player and shouted at him "your spanks are showing!" Apparently she was surprised to see the player in question turn round and look a little hurt at her remarks "and I felt like an awful bully," she confessed.
She doesn't just spare her cutting remarks for the players though; Gabrielle admitted that she recently shouted at one referee, who hadn't made many calls throughout one particular game that she was watching and said "you'll get your Viagra if you just make a call!" Union is best known for her roles in Bad Boys II and Bring It On. She was previously married to the football player Chris Howard, though they divorced in 2006.