Actress Gabrielle Union has found herself in the middle of a neighbourhood war after being targeted by a dog hater.

The sexy CRADLE 2 THE GRAVE star is being plagued by LOS ANGELES' HUMANE SOCIETY following a series of complaints by a nasty neighbour.

But the screen beauty can't approach the source of the problem because she doesn't know which neighbour is making all the fuss.

She explains, "We have two very well behaved, spoilt dogs, and, for whatever reason, one of our neighbours is constantly calling the Humane Society.

"It's like we're breeding pygmy chihuahuas in the back yard and fighting them or something.

"The Humane Society, instead of calling us to get our side of the story, will just send these nasty letters and then you have to go and appear, otherwise they'll come and take your dogs.

"It's a little pesky because our dogs have licenses and all their vaccinations are up to date. Our dogs are great. Our neighbours don't have anything to complain about."

10/02/2004 17:20