Retired volleyball champion and model Gabrielle Reece has opened up about the state of her marriage to private surfing legend Laird Hamilton in a new book.

The former U.S. Olympian has disclosed details about secretly filing for divorce from the big wave icon and getting back together with Hamilton in her tome My Foot is Too Big for the Glass Slipper.

She says, "Laird trusts me and I think he knows that I tried to do this is good taste. He is private but he is very direct and open, so he's not hiding anything either... If you're gonna make a point then you have to be honest."

Reece also reveals she and Hamilton have a 48-hour sex rule: "We shoot for that; sometimes it ends up being three days... It doesn't take that long, first of all... Everything's smooth.

"All boys, let's be real... a man's language is food and sex... You could be like, 'Honey, I made a million dollars and I'm so smart,' and they do respect you, but I really think when it comes to a male dynamic, if he's not treating you like his sister or his daughter, there has to be intimacy."

And she urges women to make time for sex with their husbands no matter what they look like naked.

She writes, "You have to keep the man happy in your life... They don't care if you have cellulite or a jiggle; they just want you naked and smiling."