Gabriella Cilmi worried she would be kidnapped when she played at a palace in Moscow.

The 'Hearts Don't Lie' hitmaker found singing at a party in the Russian capital a daunting task, and was concerned about what was going to happen went she went through strict security checks to get into the venue.

She said: "I did a show in Moscow, which was really crazy. We played in this massive palace, and they searched us - we weren't allowed to take anything in with us.

"It was pretty scary; I thought we were going to be kidnapped!"

Gabriella, 18, also explained how the show took a turn for the worse after she made a mishap with her etiquette.

She explained to BANG Showbiz: "It was a private show and inside there was an American artist belly dancing and there was blue caviar on all the tables.

"And so during 'Sweet About Me' I went up to one of the waiters, and to see if he wanted to sing along with me and everyone at the show was looking at me, horrified, like that's a big no-no - and he was really scared too."

However, this isn't Gabriella's most embarrassing moment onstage as she was once left red-faced when her underwear fell off during a dance routine.

She said: "I have done a few inappropriate things in different countries. In Portugal I was performing onstage and because I was wearing a dress was conscious about my underwear showing, so I wore these really big knickers.

"They fell off under the dress, as I was performing. It looked like a stage act, but it wasn't on purpose I was mortified."