Movie star Gabriel Byrne will fight for a planned Irish Magnificent Seven movie until his dying day after coming up with the idea over a drink with pal Pierce Brosnan. The two Irishmen have been talking about the project for years but have yet to get it off the ground. Byrne says, "I suppose I'll be (aged biblical character) Methuselah by the time it ever happens, we'll be like the seven ancient men of the West. "The idea was to pay tribute to the Irishmen who had such an impact of the West and to give us all the chance to work together. "I was saying to Pierce, 'Just think of the poster: Liam Neeson, Pierce Brosnan, Steven Rea, Gabriel Byrne, Ciaran Hinds, Colin Murphy, Colin Farrell and Cillian Murphy - let's just use all those guys to make a western.' "None of us can ride horses except Pierce but we could get somebody to write the story and do it. It's an ongoing kind of thing where we sit and we have a drink and we say, 'Yeah, it'll be a great thing to do.' and then we don't see each other for six months."