Irish actor Gabriel Byrne is amazed he's still alive, after narrowly escaping death on five occasions. The ENDS OF DAYS star experienced two near misses during filming of JINDABYNE in Australia, and also repeatedly ran into trouble when he filmed RICHARD E GRANT's autobiographical movie WAH WAH in Africa. Byrne says, "I have done two films that I have hugely enjoyed but I have almost been killed five times. So I don't know what the lessons there are in that." The actor had a car crash in New South Wales, Australia, when a kangaroo jumped onto his car windshield, then days later stepped on a venomous brown snake in the bush. One scene in Wah Wah called for Byrne to lie in a locked coffin, which caused him to have a panic attack. He explains, "I tried to bang my face on the lid of the coffin. I was completely and totally and utterly terrified for maybe 50 seconds to a minute. "I thought Africa was dangerous but that was before I went to Australia."