G-Unit founder Tony Yayo is making the most of his freedom after being released from prison - he has already bought a brand new Bentley and a Porsche.

The rapper was released from jail last month (MAY04), and he's already living the high-life as he records his debut album with pals 50 CENT and Eminem.

Yayo admits he dreamed of becoming an overnight millionaire while he was in prison.

He says, "It feels good to come home to a million dollars in the account. I really didn't do anything, you know? And I got a million dollars in my account so it feels beautiful.

"My boy (50 Cent) took care of me, so I know the love is there. Usually, when a person's in a bad predicament, their people ain't gonna look out for them. But me? I had to tell 50 to stop sending me money."

Yayo was released from prison a day after finishing a year-long sentence for gun possession and bail jumping.

09/06/2004 21:30