G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks was caught in a bus accident on Sunday night (12SEP04), which left the vehicle dangerously perched on the edge of a hill.

The 50 CENT protege was on his way to perform at West Virginia's Bethany College when his tour bus slipped off the right side of Route 88. The bus, which was carrying Banks and 25 other people, skidded into a cow pasture before stopping on a hill's edge.

Brooke County deputy STEVE SEMINSKY says, "The bus was in a very dangerous position where it could have capsized at any time. West Virginia is known for its rolling hills, so it was a pretty steep hill."

No-one was injured in the accident, and no cause has been determined.

Banks and his fellow travellers got into the back of local ambulances and were rushed to Bethany College in order to make their concert. After the show, they hired a limousine from Pittsburgh to take them to a hotel in nearby Weirton.

The Brooke County Sheriff's Department, working with a local towing company and the farmer who owned the cow pasture, removed Banks' tour bus from the hill.

16/09/2004 02:50