Funeral For A Friend frontman Matt Davies is set to shock fans of the Welsh punk/hardcore band - by releasing a country music album next year (07). Davies has thrown himself into the project he has dubbed THE SECRET SHOW, and will be aided by a five-piece band comprising of old school friends from his home town in Wales. The vocalist says, ''I grew up on country music. It was a big part of my youth, but then I got into punk and hardcore and forgot about it for a long time. Then about two years ago I rediscovered it. ''Strangely enough, singing this kind of music feels more natural than the stuff I do with funeral. It's more personal - they're mainly love songs. "I'm getting married next month (OCT06), so I suppose the songs are inspired by that feeling of finally settling down, having the things in my life I always wanted. I'm not singing about bloody cowboys or any of that s**t!''