The Fun Lovin' Criminals' frontman Huey Morgan has ditched his lothario lifestyle to become a family man.

Morgan, who is half Irish, half Puerto-Rican, has been linked with a number of eligible celebrity beauties including former ALL SAINT NICOLE APPLETON and CORRS singer ANDREA CORR - but the 35-year-old has fallen in love with GLADIATOR star Connie Nielsen, and he insists he's a changed man.

Huey says, "I'm loved up.

"The other day MARY McCARTNEY (Sir Paul McCartney's eldest daughter) was taking pictures of us and playing the SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER soundtrack while we were in the car. There's some soppy song and she said, 'Look at you!' I'd gone all teary-eyed to HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE!"

"So, yeah, I love the girl."

11/09/2003 17:20