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FULC are the only signing to Stunted Records, the band who originate from Leeds are to release their first official single 'The Fallen EP' due out on the 7th of October.

I presumed that going to see the band in their home town would be the perfect opportunity to watch FULC in their full glory! But as I entered the venue I realised the concert hall was nearly empty, "oh dear" where was every one? This was the bands home turf surely it would be an amazing emotion fuelled event, first indications that maybe the gig wasn't going to be quite what I thought.

The languid first impressions continued with the beginning of the show. This was the last night of their summer tour, was it too much to ask for some form of excitement?

Seeing as the band didn't introduce themselves I gradually came round to realising the set had started, it instantly conjured up images of a nervous unpolished act playing one of their first ever gig's. Perhaps my impressions of a High School band were encouraged by the drummer who was wearing a cap, the guitarist's baby face and the fact that they wore matching t-shirts (mustn't slate them too much each t-shirt did show a different FULC symbol!).

Unfortunately I couldn't come to any early decisions regarding the identity of this band or even who else they could possibly be trying to be, the set seemed to be a jumble of stolen stances, copyist mic control and other strangely familiar gigging trademarks (is this Stars in your eyes)?. The band moved from playing songs hunched up to playing them with a dazed look gently swaying. The image of the band was I presume meant to be hard grunge rockers, but with the skin head look coupled with the guitarist's strange floppy hair it just wasn't happening.

FULC @ www.contactmusic.com
FULC @ www.contactmusic.com
FULC @ www.contactmusic.com
FULC @ www.contactmusic.com

To give the band deserved credit the sound they were creating was as good as their C.D, but no better. With any concert you go along expecting a certain amount of floor show, this was simply missing. Music can be magical when performed well but these sounds were just music. For FULC to perform magic they would need to be in a big venue full of sweaty "up for it" rockers ready to show their appreciation (something I felt the band desired to give them the confidence they need). Each time a track came to a climax I hoped "for some bizarre reason" the place would suddenly fill up and the gig could kick off. It just never happened. For FULC to excel (which I believe they can) they need to have success and the support of some very loyal fans, but for them to have success they need to excel!?! FULC "could" be the band that will show off the bubbling talents of the glorious Leeds D.I.Y scene, but to do this they need to become extraverts and also a lot more sociable. I wanted to be blown away and never was. The next Nirvana? Well not yet at least.