Fujiya And Miyagi Announce New Single And UK Tour Dates

Fujiya And Miyagi Announce New Single And UK Tour Dates

'Sixteen Shades Of Black And Blue' also includes previously unreleased B-side 'Full Stops & Commas'.

The Brighton-based Kraut/funk/electronica band's fourth album, 'Ventriloquizzing' has found Fujiya and Miyagi returning with a renewed sense of purpose. "We wanted to make a record that was different from anything we had done before," says David. Bassist Matt Hainsby agrees: "We wanted to try things that would take us in a new direction musically and create a different atmosphere."

The atmosphere is notably darker than before - forceful, aggressive and confrontational, but all the while maintaining the taut, minimalistic funk and dark humour that's become their calling card. "It's quite an accusatory record, but you never know why, or what the target of the accusation has done," says David. "I think there's an underlying anger, or perhaps just annoyance, at institutions and people in general, and probably ourselves too."

Inspired by the title, the four-piece (David plus bassist Matt Hainsby, synth player Steve Lewis and drummer Lee Adams) had a set of Fujiya & Miyagi dummies made up, initially with the idea of sending them to photo and video shoots in place of the the real people. "Once or twice I've been caught with the little doppelg"nger on my knee chatting away," says Matt. "I'm not sure it's the most healthy pastime."

Either the band or the dummies will be packing their bags for a short UK tour in March, do catch their excellent live show here before they head off for shows in Germany, USA, France and Italy.