A US federal judge has told reformed hip-hop superstars the Fugees their sampling lawsuit with British soul band CYMANDE remains unresolved. A lawsuit filed in March (06) by Cymande members STEVE SCIPIO and Patrick Patterson alleges the Fugees illegally sampled the song DOVE on their huge selling 1996 album The Score, reports AllHipHop.com. The READY OR NOT stars believed they had closed the matter in 1998 with a $400,000 (GBP230,000) royalty payment to the plaintiffs. But the fresh lawsuit maintains the payment did not constitute a final settlement. And judges at the Sixth US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favour of the Cymande members - although it was made clear the $400,000 payment would be subtracted if Cymande are awarded damages. The ruling states: "We determine that the Proposed Agreement was never ratified and that Plaintiffs should not be equitably stopped from pursuing their infringement claims."