Fright Night, a new version of the 80s cult film classic hits the screens in the next few weeks, and the critics are saying that it improves on the original. Colin Farrell stars as the bloodthirsty vampire, and ex-Doctor Who star David Tennant plays the erstwhile Vampire Hunter. The film runs contrary to the current vampire craze, with the broody, romantic neck-biters we're used to from TWILIGHT being replaced by lots of laughs, blood-letting and slapstick humour.

Critics singled out Farrell and Tennant for their performances, with Robert Koehler from Variety judging the film as: ".A cleverly balanced mix of scares and laughs that is funnier and more terrifying than the 1985 original on which it's based." Shaun O'Connell from the Washington Post said: ".It improves on the premise it has been handed, producing a modernized version of a decades-old story that's superior to its predecessor in virtually every aspect." Scott Bowles in USA Today was particularly fulsome in his praise of Farrell, stating; "The real treat, though, is Farrell. How do you not like a vampire addicted to The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Between this and his cameo in Horrible Bosses, he's summer's hottest comic." Farrell's next big starring role is in a remake of Total Recall, which hits screen's in summer 2012.