The cast of Friends got a very special send-off when they wrapped the last show of the final series last week (23JAN04) - they were given individual yearbooks.

Producers of the hit TV sitcom spent hours compiling the photo albums, which featured pictures of the cast over the years, and handed them out as a parting gift to the six stars of the show.

According to reports in this week's (ends30JAN04) US WEEKLY in America, the last day on the set was an emotional one for the cast - David Schwimmer shot scenes with tears in his eyes and Lisa Kudrow constantly needed her make-up touching up.

When Courteney Cox missed her line twice, her TV husband Matthew Perry cracked a joke that, "someone's going to get fired."

Jennifer Aniston admits the final moments of Friends were really tough, "We're like very delicate china right now. It's just absolutely painful in the weirdest way, because it's the most fun and joyful place to be, and it's so hard to leave that."

Kudrow also felt sad, "It's a deeper loss than I was expecting. I knew we would be sad when the time came... It feels like a really deep, deep-down loss."

The final Friends episode will air in America on 6 May (04).

The cast will then appear together for the last time when Jay Leno's late-night chat show The Tonight Show comes live from the sitcom's CENTRAL PERK coffee shop.

29/01/2004 18:09