The final series of Friends will end with PHOEBE and MIKE's wedding and possibly RACHEL and ROSS's reunion, according to reports in British newspapers.

Lisa Kudrow's dippy character and Paul Rudd will tie the knot in a lavish finale - and a twist in the romantic plot between Jennifer Aniston's character and Matt Le Blanc's JOEY will result in Rachel getting back with original love Ross, played by David Schwimmer.

A source tells the DAILY EXPRESS, "The last shows of the final series will tie up many loose ends. Two endings are being shot to keep fans guessing as to all the permutations.

"But what is fixed is that Phoebe and Mike finally realise their love is true and that they should marry.

"There are the usual comical ups-and-downs with Phoebe as she first decides to give all the money for her wedding away to a children's charity. But then she goes and asks for it back, reasoning that because she never had a prom or a graduation, she deserves a big wedding.

"Rachel and Monica are the bridesmaids. There will also be a special guest star bridesmaid. The mystery actress is expected to get together with Joey, leaving the door open for the reunion between Rachel and Ross that the fans and the cast have been dreaming about."

Rachel and Ross have had an on-off relationship ever since the beginning of the global hit series, and have previously married on a drunken trip to Las Vegas and had daughter EMMA together.

The final series is currently being filmed, and will be broadcast next year (04).

17/12/2003 13:37