The female stars of Friends have been entered into the 50th anniversary edition of best-selling book GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS as the highest paid TV actresses.

Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox earned $1 million (GBP555,500) an episode for the show's final season, which puts them on a par with Helen Hunt, who earned the same amount a decade ago for MAD ABOUT YOU.

But the male stars of the sitcom fell well short of the $1.8 million (GBP1 million)-per-episode deal Ray Romano has for Everybody Loves Raymond, which makes him the highest-earning TV actor.

Also featured in the new book is Will Smith (Highest Paid Film Actor) and Bruce Willis, who is credited as the Highest Paid Actor for One Single Film - he received $100 million (GBP55.5 million) for The Sixth Sense.

Julia Roberts holds the record for being the one actress who's starred in the most films grossing over $100 million (GBP55.5 million) - by February (04), the actress had appeared in 11 movies that hit that mark.

And Nicole Kidman features in the records book for scoring the highest fee per minute in a TV advertisement - she reportedly earned $3.71 million (GBP2.06 million) for acting in a four-minute commercial for CHANEL last December (03).

22/08/2004 14:20