The final scene in hit sitcom Friends features Courteney Cox and LISA KUDROW's husbands - as coffee-drinking extras.

Tears flowed as the Manhattan sextet played by Cox, Kudrow, JENNIFER ANISTON, MATT LeBLANC, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer completed the last scene after an acclaimed ten-year run.

And to give the last shot a family feel, producers invited David Arquette and MICHAEL STERN to join their famous wives for the sorrowful goodbye.

Actor JAMES MICHAEL TYLER - who plays coffee shop worker GUNTHER - explains, "Friends and family were mainly present for our last scene in the coffee shop and, when it was shot, Courteney's husband, David, and Lisa's husband, Michael, were in the scene too.

"Filming took far longer than normal because several of the scenes had to be cut as there were just too many tears in our eyes, which ruined the shots."

24/05/2004 14:13