Friends actress Jennifer Aniston has ruled out starring in a movie with her husband BRAD PITT - claiming an onscreen union would be "asking for trouble."

The stunning American, 35, told reporters the couple had no intentions of jeopardising their successful Hollywood careers, at the British premiere of her latest film Along Came Polly in London's EMPIRE cinema on Wednesday night (18FEB04).

Aniston says, "I don't think so, not in the near future. That's asking for trouble. It would be too much of a show.

"Maybe years down the line if the right thing comes along I would, but not now."

Aniston is wary after seeing former couple Ben Affleck and JENNIFER LOPEZ's film Gigli flop last year (03) and Guy Ritchie and Madonna's critically-mauled SWEPT AWAY in 2002.

23/02/2004 17:26