French Montana wants to trademark his name to break into the beauty market with a new fragrance.

The 33-year-old hip hop artist - whose real name is Karim Kharbouch - is looking to legally protect his stage name in an attempt to create branded fragrances, non-medicated lotions and shampoos as well as non-medicated toiletries, TMZ reported.

The 'Unforgettable' hitmaker has also applied to trademark his name on a cast range of other products including jewellery, tote bags, backpacks, beach towels, watches, kitchen linens, sunglasses, pillow covers and other items of clothing.

Meanwhile, French has previously admitted his friend P. Diddy has been a big influence on his sense of style.

He said: ''Diddy influenced everybody. He influenced three generations including mine. There's nobody that listens to hip hop that wasn't influenced by him.

''Hustlers from New York that were driving fancy cars and wearing fancy clothes. Specifically in Harlem and the Bronx. This trickled down to rappers like Diddy and myself.''

And the musician believes style is ''everything'' and doesn't think artists can make a success of fashion ventures if their own look isn't ''fly''.

He previously said: ''Style is everything. People now buy into you because of you. A lot of people in the game change and it kind of made a transition to where music is only a part of what makes the artist.

''Yeah you have the best line, yeah you're the best rapper but, if you don't live what you rap about and the people don't want to look like you than it's like, you're not really doing it. It's like you're lying to us. Why is you rapping about $1,000 jeans and all you wearing is basketball shorts?

''That's why most artists that aren't fly; they clothing lines and s**t like that hasn't been successful. Because if you're not fly, then how you gonna tell us what to wear? Then put it in stores and charge $200 a T-shirt? So fashion plays a real big role.''