French Montana has been sued over a ''vicious'' dog attack.

The 34-year-old rapper is the subject of a new lawsuit after Daniel Banuelos, who installed a security-camera system at French's Calabasas home, alleged that his German Shepherd Zane ''violently attacked and viciously'' bit him.

The Blast reports that the alleged incident occurred in August 2017 and Banuelos says French was aware of the aggressive nature of his canine companion.

In his lawsuit, he says that Zane was kept for ''guarding the premises'' and that French ''encouraged the dog's aggressive and vicious nature in order to make the dog a greater risk and threat to intruders''.

He also alleges that the rapper failed to ''leash, tether, chain or muzzle'' the dog to prevent an attack.

Banuelos is seeking damages for the ''severe and permanent mental, emotional and psychological injuries'', he alleged incurred.

He is also suing for time he claims he missed from work and permanent scarring he allegedly suffered during the attack.

This is not the first time French has been sued over Zane.

Last year the rapper landed in legal trouble after the dog allegedly ''went off'' for no reason in May 2017 and left French's pool cleaner Juan Lomeli with bloody puncture wounds in his arm.

The former employee sued French for the injuries he sustained as a result and loss of earnings.

According to the court documents, Lomeli had worked for the 'Unforgettable' hitmaker for six months and had no trouble with his pet pooch.

However, something switched while he was servicing French's pool one day and the dog allegedly lunged at him and viciously attacked him with his jaws.

Lomeli didn't go into detail about his wounds but he did claim that the injuries were so bad that he was unable to work for some time.