French Montana's neighbours are scrambling together to catch the thieves who allegedly burgled his mansion in Calabasas earlier this week.

The 33-year-old rapper's six-bedroom estate, which sits in a gate community in Los Angeles, was targeted by two armed male suspects in the early hours of Tuesday (31.07.18) morning but, unfortunately, no arrests have been made as of yet as the alleged criminals managed to flee the scene before the police arrived.

However, those living nearby French are determined to do all they can to have the culprits thrown behind bars and have put out a message on a community board for the Mureau Estates asking residents to hand over their CCTV footage to police.

Following the break in, those part of the community have warned others in the area to be on the ''lookout'' for any suspicious activity, according to The Blast.

It's believed the burglars broke into French's home and made off with some possessions but it's not yet known what has been taken and to what value.

It's been reported that the police weren't called until three hours after the incident took place and the surveillance footage they obtained hasn't been overly helpful.

There were at least two residents at the address when the crime took place but officers refused to confirm whether any of them were the 'Unforgettable' hitmaker.

However, no one was injured during the break in as the paramedics weren't called.

This isn't the first time the mansion has been targeted as a man was arrested in 2014 when he broke into the guest home and was found rummaging through possessions.

However, French didn't live at the property when that incident took place as it was still owned by Selena Gomez then and he went on to buy it from her in April 2016.