SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE actress Freida Pinto is determined to land a role alongside her schoolgirl crush Leonardo Dicaprio.
Pinto was infatuated with the Titanic star when growing up in Mumbai, India, even keeping pictures of the actor from magazines.
And now she has set her sights on sharing some screen time with the Hollywood heartthrob, after being catapulted to fame with her role in Danny Boyle's Oscar-winning film.
She tells Access Hollywood, ""I had a big crush on him back in school. I had this little Leonardo DiCaprio scrapbook with his picture on the front. Now he's going to think I'm a creep after this!"
But if she fails to land DiCaprio as her leading man, Pinto has a back-up in mind.
She adds, "Id have to say Jack Nicholson. Hes the one person Ive been dying to meet and for some reason, I just havent seen him anywhere.