Freida Pinto admits it was very "exciting" to work on a big-budget movie like 'Rise of the Planet Of The Apes'.

The actress - who shot to fame in 2009's 'Slumdog Millionaire, which won multiple awards but was a very small production - admits being involved with such a huge film feels very luxurious because the studio has more money to spend on things such as trailers, make-up artists and assistants.

Freida - who plays primatologist Carline in the movie - said: "On 'Slumdog Millionaire' it was all new and I was completely untainted by what might happen and how the film was released and who it would be accepted. Your first film is like a little baby. This is very exciting because I've never done anything like this before in my short, three-year career.

"It's kind of pampering from other movies I've done. I have to tell you, on a big budget, big studio film, there's a lot of luxury that is thrown at you - like these massive trailers and these amazing make-up artists and their amazing make-up chairs and all of that. And you have assistants running around bringing you coffee."

However, one thing Freida would have liked more of was interacting with the chimpanzees.

She told the Daily Mirror: "I would have to spend time with them but there wasn't much opportunity. But I did spend a lot of time reading about chimps, and also examining primatologist Jane Goddall's interviews and all of her YouTube video links, so I did that kind of research."