Former Free frontman PAUL RODGERS has finally married his longtime girlfriend CYNTHIA KERELUK - after 10 years of dating. The singer - who is currently touring with rock legends Queen - married the former Miss Canada, 45, in the garden of their home in Okanagan Valley, Canada last month (Sep07). He says, "It was 10 years to the day since we actually met and seven years since I popped the question. "I seem to remember going down on one knee and filling the room with flowers back then. We were always gonna do it some time. We haven't had time to tie the knot." And Kereluk has not wasted any time in changing her new husband's lifestyle - he's quit smoking and drinking. Rogers, 57, admits his new regime helps keep him on top. He adds, "The party's on stage and that's where it's really gotta rock. I found the more together I was, the better my performance was."