Rocker PAUL RODGERS was among the last to know of pal PAUL KOSSOFF's 1976 drug death - because the pair's former Free bandmate SIMON KIRKE didn't want to spoil a Bad Company show with the sad news.
The drummer knew his decision wouldn't be popular backstage after the concert - but felt it was the right thing to do.
He tells, "We didn't tell Paul that night because it was too close to the gig and it would've affected him very badly.
"When it came to the line in Shooting Star: 'Johnny died one night, died in his bed,' I just kept my head down playing the drums, so you couldn't see me crying. I was very sad that he had gone.
"Paul was furious by the way that we didn't tell him."
Guitar great Kossoff died of a drug-related heart attack on a flight from Los Angeles to London, prior to a planned tour with Bad Company.