A fourth sequel to the CHILD'S PLAY movie franchise is finally poised for production, thanks to the recent demand in horror films.

Hollywood studio chiefs credit recent hit Freddy Vs Jason with injecting renewed interest in the horror genre, and now producers are confident of signing up Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly to return as the voices of the psychopathic dolls in SEED OF CHUCKY.

Creator DON MACINI says, "We are finally moving forward. Thanks to Freddy Vs Jason, horror is hot again. David Linde released Bride of Chucky internationally, and the film did very well there. So he decided to make Seed.

"We are currently negotiating with Brad Dourif. Of course, we want Jennifer Tilly back too."

The script for the follow-up has reportedly been laying idle since the release of the last installment, BRIDE OF CHUCKY, in 1998.

17/11/2003 09:53