British comic Freddie Starr fears the scandal surrounding his arrest in connection with the Jimmy Savile sex abuse investigation will kill him.

The outrageous funnyman was detained by police this week (begs29Oct12) and admits the ordeal was "horrible".

Protesting his innocence in British newspaper the Sunday People, Starr says, "I'm being made to feel like a criminal. I've never ever been in trouble before and I haven't got a police record. The way I'm being treated I feel like I'm the new Yorkshire Ripper.

"It's heartbreaking and its affecting my health and everything. It's ­unbelievable. I'm absolutely drained. I've had four heart attacks. I think if things keep on like this it's going to kill me.

"Over the last few weeks I haven't been eating. I've been so stressed. It's one thing after another and it keeps piling up and piling up. You just think, 'When's it going to stop, for God's sake?' It's the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my life."

Starr has been accused of sexually abusing an ­underage girl in Savile's dressing room in the 1970s, but he insists he could never do such a thing, revealing he once rescued two 14-year-old girls from the clutches of a paedophile.

He has also opened up about the abuse he suffered as a child, revealing, "I know what it feels like to be sexually abused. I could never do that to someone. I've never spoken about it before. I remember every single detail. It was terrifying. It was more than once and it was really terrible.

"Afterwards I couldn't stop washing myself. I was in the bath s­crubbing myself and scrubbing myself. I absolutely hate paedophiles. If I even see a child getting hurt on Tv I have to change channel.

"I get so emotional about it. Sometimes I'm in tears. I'd never ever touch an underage girl. It's against all my principles. The allegations are very upsetting and have brought it all back. Because I was molested as a child I don't like to be touched. I wouldn't touch anybody else and that has stuck with me all my life."

Police are investigating more than 300 sex abuse claims as part of their Savile investigation after it emerged the once-beloved Bbc Tv and radio personality, who died in 2011, had a dark, secret life.