Freddie Prinze Jr has visited acupuncturists, hypnotists and therapists - all in the attempt to get a good night's sleep.

The actor, married to his Scooby-Doo co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar, admits he's suffered from insomnia for much of his life and nothing he's tried seems to help.

He says, "I haven't slept since I was a little boy; it's not on the cards for me. I just maybe got three hours last night, maybe three and a half the night before. Nothing works. I think some people are good at baseball and some people are good at being awake.

"I've sleep therapists and hypnotists, and by the way, nobody on earth has ever been hypnotised. It's a crock... It doesn't work. I did hypnotism, I took sleeping pills, That doesn't work. It makes you goofy, which sometimes is fun. I did acupuncture... (but) I quit.

"I see the late-night commercials on TV that are selling those pills like hot cakes and I've bought 'em all. I've (also) tried watching TV (to fall asleep)."