Freddie Prinze Jr immediately knew his wife Sarah Michelle Gellar was the one for him, when his mother didn't force her out of the house like so many of his other girlfriends.

The Scooby-Doo co-stars, who have been married for three of the six years they've been together, had to go through a stringent "dinner test" applied by members of the actor's family to check she was a worthy girlfriend.

Prinze Jr says, "I brought plenty (of girlfriends) home, they just quickly ran out the door. My mom, she just didn't have patience for anyone that she didn't feel was marriage material. Even at the age of 14, girls would come home and we had the dinner test, which we still exercise in our family to this day.

"My mother's a fantastic, wonderful chef, and she would make extreme things and, depending on how far the woman made it through dinner, that (decided) how many more dates you got.

"But a lot of times, they wouldn't make it that far, because they would walk in and I would go to wash up and my mother would be so harsh on these girls. She'd be like, 'You know he's never going to be with you! You know it's just not going to work! I mean, did you see the last girl he dated? Okay, look at her, now look at you!' Whatever she could say to get them out and not be with her son.

"So Sarah was the first one she was ever nice to."