Freddie Prinze Jr. can change a diaper in less than a minute.

The '24' actor - who has four-month-old daughter Charlotte Grace with wife Sarah Michelle Geller - has amazed himself with how well he is able to deal with her soiled nappies.

He explained: "I'm good at it. I'm fast. I can time myself, 46 seconds."

However, the 33-year-old star admits there are other aspects of looking after Charlotte that he struggles with, especially when it comes to taking her out in public.

He told US talk show host George Lopez: "Diaper, that's it, that's all I got. I just tried to work the car seat. You gotta like adjust the seat belts. 'Adjust the seat belt' is so much more complicated than what my brain can handle."

However, Freddie won't be taking advice from his mother when it comes to transporting the youngster.

He said: "My mom drove like Britney Spears with the steering wheel and me right here in her lap. I'm fine, I turned out OK. We had a Volvo."

In February 2006, Britney was famously pictured driving one-handed in California with her son Sean Preston, then five months old, sitting on her lap with her arm around him.