Actor Freddie Prinze Jr got so drunk before his wedding to SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR, he feared he wouldn't make it to the ceremony.

Freddie wed his Scooby-Doo co-star in a lavish Mexican ceremony in September (02).

And while guests marvelled at the romantic nuptials, the screen star admits he was more concerned with making it through the day without collapsing.

He recalls, "I don't remember the details, because I was drunk most of the time. The night before I ate something and I got so sick I started hallucinating.

"I was literally shaking on the floor. My best man comes in and I'm butt naked on the floor in a cold sweat looking for my mom. He was like, 'You're getting married in five minutes, your mom and everyone is sitting down and they're waiting for you.'

"He was dressing me and I had like drool on my cheek. His hand was on the small of my back, holding me up straight so I didn't fall over. But I survived."