Hollywood hunk Freddie Prinze Jr has been selected as the voice of DELGO in the upcoming computer-generated movie.

FATHOM has revealed that Prinze Jr is Delgo, a teen who must save the world, after conducting a worldwide WHO IS DELGO? contest.

Producer and co-director MARC ADLER says thousands of guesses were cast, including speculation that Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt would land the role.

A host of stars have already been announced as a part of the project, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Chris Kattan, Anne Bancroft, MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN, Val Kilmer, Kelly Ripa, Eric Idle, Burt Reynolds and LOUIS GOSSETT JR.

Prinze Jr, married to Scooby-Doo co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar, says, "You expect (Delgo) to be very sort of vanilla, and he isn't. He's a fairly complicated guy.

"I've always sort of been in love with that sort of world, fantasy, ever since I was a little boy with DUNGEONS + DRAGONS."

20/04/2004 02:23