The fallout from Fred Willard's indecent exposure gaffe continues, with the veteran actor now losing a second job thanks to his recent shenanigans in an adult theatre in Hollywood. Willard, star of the film 'Best In Show' and bit part player in US comedy movies such as 'Anchorman' and 'American Pie 3', has been seemingly unrepentant about the events of earlier in the month that saw him arrested with his trousers down. Last week on Twitter he claimed that the film he was watching was the worst part of the ordeal, writing "Wait til u hear my version; much more PG. & my review, lousy film, but theater would make a terrific racquetball court. Full story 2 follow. "
However others aren't taking such a flippant view and after it was widely reported that he'd lost his role on PBS' 'Market Warriors', Fox are now reporting that ABC have followed suit, axing the last two original episodes of his show 'Trust Us With Your Life' and replacing them with re-runs of 'Wipeout'. Willard claimed on 'The Jimmy Fallon Show' last week that he'd done nothing wrong and court records will show that he hasn't if he completes a diversion program as set by The Los Angeles Attorney's office.
Just last week Willard has boasted that he was still a part of 'Trust Us With Your Life', writing on Twitter "I was not fired from TUWYL so B sure 2 watch Trust Us With your life Tues, Abc 9."